Why Pilates?

Just like our organs need a variety of nutrients to keep functioning properly, our bones and soft tissues need movement nutrition that helps us break the habitual movement patterns & wake up the muscles that have long been hibernating.  

Why Pilates ?

Our modern day lifestyle seems to be depriving us of a variety of movement that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have developed by doing daily chores around their home (cave?);  getting up & down numerous times from the ground, squatting, kneeling and mastering many ways of sitting on the ground with ease. 

You may feel very active and fitness-conscious by regularly exercising, but does the type of exercise you choose put your body through repetitive motion for hours, days, & months on end? Ever wonder why your hamstrings and calf muscles are so tight?
Are you exercising to create more imbalance in your body?

Each of us has a unique gait & movement habits that are developed & influenced by how we've been living our life. Have you moved your body much today? More importantly, have you put your body through motion that unlocks your habitual movement patterns? 

Nourish your mind, body & spirit with the Pilates method

Exercise mindfully with the Pilates principles; 
Breathing, Concentration, Centring, Control, Precision & Flow.  You'll come to learn it is a workout for both body & mind. Fine-tune  your body & let the benefits of Pilates roll in as you build your practice steadily (enhanced body & movement awareness, better posture, greater flexibility, core strength: the list is endless).

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