" After some major surgery, I decided to take up Pilates and a friend recommended Katie. I have been going to Katie over a year now, a combination of mat & equipment sessions. The difference it has made to my whole sense of wellbeing and overall flexibility has been remarkable. 

  The changes within my body have also boosted my sense of self confidence. I really enjoy the classes and have to say Katie is an excellent teacher."

- Ellen (Managing Director, 58)

"I must admit I was dragged to my first Pilates class and I was sceptical about the benefits - I was quickly proven wrong!

I have been going to Katie's classes for 2 years now. Not only has Pilates been a great workout in itself, it has also helped me with weightlifting and I feel less prone to sports-related injuries. Similarly, it is a brilliant way to clear the mind from the stress of the day!

I cannot recommend Katie highly enough. She is truly an outstanding instructor - she will push you to work hard, but will always have time to assist or reposition you if you are struggling."
 - Matt (Analyst, 28)
"I used to do Pilates regularly but stopped taking Pilates when I moved to London due to the fact that whilst gyms offered classes very readily, I never knew if I was doing moves correctly, and the classes were always filled to the rafters. I started taking regular classes with Katie two years ago and she is the best instructor I've had. When I asked to do a taster class, Katie said that she only offered courses to take on new students because you need time to see and feel the difference Pilates makes. At that point I had to sign up for the classes because Katie clearly cared more about her students taking as much away from her classes as possible, than about filling mat space. Katie only takes small classes and will walk around the class correcting the smallest movement to make sure that her students are doing things correctly. 

Before taking up Pilates again, I was beginning to notice that I was 'wobbly' when sitting and walking as if I was made of jelly. I now feel more solid and altogether stronger. Every week there is another challenge and just as you master one movement, you find out there is something else you can make your body do. On top of this, taking an hour out of a hectic day to focus on my own movements and breathing does make me come out of class more relaxed but also full of beans. 
I can't recommend Katie and Pilates highly enough. 

- Liz (Account Manager, 28)

"I feel I have made personal progress through Choose Pilates: 
my general fitness and stamina when running or swimming have much improved and I've definitely improved my pelvic floor musckes (2 baby's worth of stress!). I really enjoy Pilates and Katie is a fabulous teacher!". 
 - Polly (Midwife, 37)

"Katie is an excellent teacher and manages to achieve the right   balance of challenge and support in her classes. I started doing Pilates due to back pain, and I am now much better able to  manage my back health. Pilates has also helped my general fitness  level & sense of wellbeing."
- Stephanie (Retiree, 60)
"Since starting Pilates I have noticed a significant change in the way I hold my body and also my core strength. Katie is a brilliant teacher and I always look forward to going to her classes and workshops. Through Katie's classes I have found my overall fitness has improved including my energy levels. I am a huge Pilates fan now and recommend it to everyone."
 - Hannah (Development Manager, 30)

 " I had imagined Pilates would be easy for someone who regularly went to the gym & played football. Instead I actually found that I struggled with many of the exercises!  I had quite a few private sessions with Katie and really noticed a difference in my abdominal strength. Katie's demonstrations of exercise are very impressive and give me a goal to work towards. Her instructions are clear and she is very encouraging."

- Jay (Senior Audit Manager, 45)

"Katie's approach to her Pilates is thoughtful, focused and comprehensive and the result is a feeling of wellbeing at the end of each class, with muscles that have been made to work and a mind also having made to concentrate & be present in the body. 
  - Kathleen (Retiree, 63)

"Not being into sports or really keeping fit, I thought I'd try Pilates as a good way to counteract hours of sitting hunched a desk with tense shoulders and upper back ache. Katie's Pilates classes have made an amazing difference to my wellbeing, not only for my back but for my stamina, strength and awareness of movement. Katie gives real attention to detail in all the exercises and her rigorous approach means you really feel the benefits immediately. I can't recommend her classes enough."
- Francesca (Publisher, 34)  

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